Our Vision:

To redefine the way that wealth is produced, used & distributed.

Our Mission: 

To create a self-sustained cycle of opportunity for those most lacking it.

Agrego businesses have 4 main functions: 

  1. To develop staff towards their individual goals and passions
  2. To create the most ethical service or product achievable with the resources available.
  3. To work towards a philanthropic cause
  4. To pay a percentage of income back to Agrego for the use of funding further opportunity

We are:

A fully transparent management & incubation platform that seeks to fulfill 3 broad goals:

  1. Redefine the way that wealth is produced, used and distributed
  2. Create a cycle of opportunity that seeks to lift as many people as possible permanently out of poverty
  3. Create a platform for philanthropic participation by simply living life normally

We Believe: 

That we can re-purpose business away from profit for the sake of stockpiling earning into profit for the sake of bettering the world and its people.

That the majority of the global workforce, if offered equal compensation, would choose to work for companies striving for good rather than profit alone.

That if consumers were offered equal services and products at equal pricing, they would choose to purchase from the company that used profit to better humanity.

That if we create a truly financially and operationally transparent, we can out compete standard business models in consumer confidence.

Agrego Core Values: 

  1. Equality of Opportunity
  2. Pursuit of Purpose & Fulfillment
  3. Shared Development
  4. Social Responsibility
  5. Professional Ethics & Respect