06 Oct

The Swede – Gun Control – Social Enterprise – TRP001


In our very first episode of The Redefine Podcast ( TRP ), Richard Mands & Joshua Maddox are joined by Gareth Sidwell and Michael Burrows.

The “Redefinition of the Week

“The Swede”.

Ikea considers allowing all staff to move to 4 day work weeks while at the same time Sweden considers moving the entire country to 6 hour work days.

Links promised during the podcast on 4 day work weeks:

CNN Money Article

Business Insider Article 

Thinkprogress.org on Treehouse 4 Day Work Weeks

Herox.com Platform for Social Competitions

Visit Herox.com ( We’re not affiliated, we just love their service, product and attitudes!)

Herox Competitions By Domogo:

Domogo Social Outcome Competitions

Finally, what do you think of 4 day work weeks? Do you think it would be feasible or productive in your social enterprise or business?

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